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16 Weeks 1 - 1 Coaching

We have just added a SIXTEEN week block of training to the selection. If you are committed to sixteen weeks then this is for you. We would love to guide you over twelve weeks to improve all aspects of a GAA player.


1 to 1 coaching here at GAA Periodization is crucial to players in a 12 month macro cycle. As coaches, it is our job to ensure you are in the correct building block of training. GAA players can have different goals through the season, with the off season focusing on high volume, lower intensity workouts while during the in season, players are focused on performing on the football field. Our coaches guide players through the off and in season and maximise their potential.


Not only do we coach players within all sports, we too coach people who want to gain muscle, lose bodyfat and feel confident within their everyday life.


What will you recieve once you sign up?

  • Invite to Interactive App (Mobile Accessible)
  • Full Introduction to Periodization Coaching
  • Full Calorie, Macronutrient, Supplemention and Meal Programming
  • Weekly GAA Scheduling (GAA Training & Matches)
  • Full Exercise Programming
  • Weekly Live Zoom Video Chats
  • Video Access To All Exercises
  • Much More!


Every athlete is different. Every athlete needs different programming towards their goal. If its in season, the athlete must be sharp and focused for mixing training with performances in games. If its off season then the athlete must be improving for the season ahead.



16 Weeks 1 - 1 Coaching

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