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Start training now with Shane on a 1 - 1 coaching program within the branded GAA Periodization app.


Six weeks of training will include one full block of training. If you choose 12 or 16 weeks, you will complete 2-3 blocks of training. Shane will decide what block that is to suit you're personal goals. Once you join, you will be invited to the branded coaching app to book in a zoom call with Shane.


What you will receive within the 1 - 1 Coaching? 
- 24/7 communication with Shane.
- Full gym program based off you're personal goals, injury rehab, return to sport and sport specific conditioning.
- All exercise video tutorials.
- Nutrition tracking connected through MyFitnessPal.
- Weekly Zoom Call


GAA Periodization look forward to getting started with you.

1 - 1 Coaching

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  • If for any reason, you are unhappy with the coaching, there is a full refund.